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Property Benefits
  • Valuable incentive for retaining existing residents

  • Very attractive selling point for future residents

  • No network equipment to buy or maintain

  • No maintenance contracts, all support included

  • Equipment refreshes at no additional cost

  • 100% OpEx model to include helpdesk

  • Advertising revenue possibilities

Property owners can benefit from the following:

resifi, property benefits
resifi, resident benefits
Resident Benefits

Your residents can benefit from the following:

  • End to end secure internet access in the private residents and throughout the entire property

  • Services are just another amenity like an on-site pool or gym

  • Simple Security Tools to control access  (i.e. on-site pool or gym)   

  • Easy Onboarding for Residents and Guests

  • Customized Intuitive Mobile App

Where would you install Resifi?

All Benefits
Property Benefits
Resident Benefits
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