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Installation in New Locations

New Locations include developments being built from the ground up and Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) undergoing complete renovation. Both offer the ability to integrate technology at marginal incremental cost.

During Construction

We will work with the Owner to utilize existing contractors during construction to add additional task they are already accomplishing. For example, when a contractor installs additional conduit and cable to support Internet Network Solution. 


After Construction 

Agreements with the Property Management, Owners, or Homeowners Association will deliver the Internet Wireless Solution for the entire property. It will include 100% indoors and outdoors locations of interest and comprise the following:

  • Secure Private Internet Access for each resident

  • Multi-Functional App customized to the property

  • Guest Share Wireless Internet Access

  • Optional revenue generating Monetizing WiFi

  • Security

    • Integrated Video Security Solutions

    • Integrated Access control including smart phone “app” Solutions

  • Lighting

    • Interior and exterior money saving LED/POE Lighting

    • Lighting controls via computers or smart phone “app”

    • Customized Power Usage Reports

  • Environmental (optional)

    • Common Area Controls

    • Home/Apartment Controls

    • Customized Power Usage Report

New Location FAQs

Q: How long is installation?

A: Installation aligns with the construction schedules.

Q: What is the Average Cost Per Resident? 

A: The cost is on par with standard consumer based “Internet Only” services available today. Additional cost is evaluated based on additional integrated solutions.

Q: What will this cost our property?

A: In most installations, the owner would be responsible for the infrastructure such as cabling, lighting fixtures, environmental controls etc. Resifi would be responsible for network devices such as switches, servers, routers, connectivity to the Internet, software applications, all maintenance and customer service/support.

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