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It's not the way it is,

but it should be.

The industry leader in designing, installing, commissioning and managing end-to-end smart communities...for everyone.

Who are we
How it works

How can developers increase property value and

reduce 10-30% operating cost simultaneously?

Resifi™ developed an affordable turn key solution that includes wireless, video surveillance, access control, and home automation that can be implemented in new and existing multi-family, student housing and senior living facilities.


Our services and products provide security, Internet access and automation by implementing a technology infrastructure that is shared by the whole community. 
When the focus shifts to providing these services to an entire community, individual costs decrease.

How Resifi™ Works

Resifi addresses the gap between property owners, developers, general contractors, architects, managers, and critical Information Technology Assets.

Step 1: Align

Resifi’s Expert Engineers and Project Managers work on the owner’s behalf during the design build process to ensure contract documents address all trade requirements and compliant with local regulations prior to construction.

Step 2: Integrate

Resifi Project Managers and Technicians provide oversite and assist GMs and various trades to ensure compliance with complex integrations.

Step 3: Manage

Finally, the Resifi Network Management and Engineering Teams will manage the infrastructure, with a predictable OPEX model that will limit the owner/managers exposure to costly upgrades and technology refreshes.

What does end-to-end smart communities mean?
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