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SMART Solutions
SMART Buildings

New construction or rehabilitation of existing buildings in today’s competitive landscape requires innovative planning to increase value and reduce cost. The savviest building owners are making strategic investments in upgrades that more broadly and consistently benefit both the owner and the tenant.


Resifi partners with owners and vendors to address Security, Connectivity, Management and Automation. Every project and every community is different which requires an experienced organization that can develop customized solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all in this arena.

Resifi “stiches” together a multitude of technologies that include, but not limited to:

  • Integrated Security, Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Analytics solutions

  • HVAC & Lighting Solutions that can track the weather to adjust the ambient light or adjust the temperature and airflow base on the position of the sun for example

  • Secure High-Speed Wireless Internet that extends to property boundaries as opposed to localized areas

SMART Transportation

With the continued population growth of urban and cities, major and minor transportation elements need to exchange data or (talk) to each other. Traffic signals need to talk with cars. Cars need to talk with each other. Streets need to talk with maintenance departments. Street signs need to be dynamic and alert or redirect drivers based on conditions. Parking information needs to be available for drivers and the list can go on forever.


While only a few of these situations may affect your project, it is important to proactively plan for the future today. It might be something as simple as smart cameras that measure traffic for peak times to provide smart dynamic school bus routing for those who are so precious to us. It could be something as complex as smart sensors in First Responder Vehicles that talk with the traffic grid and traffic signals to provide safe routing to an emergency.

SMART Communities

All “SMART” enabled solutions are designed to connect traditional systems to data. Then use the data to drive efficiencies. For example, sprinkler systems that use GPS systems and weather data to determine how much water is required and when. The same systems determine the optimal times for maintenance. These ‘SMART’ enabled solutions create a healthier ecosystem and drive down cost.

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